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Blender Cookie Workshop Review

Instructor: Jonathan Williamson
Duration: 4-5 weeks
Price: $180 or $425 for the premium access

     Recently I participated in the "Mastering Modeling in Blender" workshop by Jonathan Williamson. This was a 4-5 week workshop that covered the entire process of creating models in blender. There were 2 different options for the course: one for $180 with 4 weeks of training, and one for $435 with 5 weeks of training, as well as personal instructor reviews on each week's exercise. Both packages also included a bonus starting pack, filled with tutorials on helping the beginners prepare for the workshop. Each week also provided an exercise to perform.

Edit: I forgot to mention that each week had two live Q/A sessions.

Metal Scarecrow

Hey guys,
     Recently I created this 3d image of a scarecrow in blender. I also entered it into the Blender Cookie contest. You can vote for my render by liking the image at facebook here.

Separating, Combining, and Introduction to Light Passes

In this tutorial you will learn what light passes are, how to separate and combine them, and what they could be used for.

Length: 13 minutes

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate

Author: Joshua Godwin

This Tutorial covers:
Short explanation of light passes
How to separate light passes
How to combine light passes

Quick Tip: Negative Lights (Video)

In this video Quick Tip I'll show you how to use an ability in Cycles that not many of us probably know about, Negative Lights.

Quick Tip - Despeckle Node

In this quick tip I want to show you guys how to get rid of a certain type of noise in cycles using the new Despeckle node.

(You may need to click on the image to see the speckles I'm talking about)


Female Ninja 2.0

Hey Guys,
I decided to update the download for the "Female Ninja".

You can download it on blendswap here

This version comes with both the posed and non posed version, as well as the lighting setup in cycles.

Female Ninja 2.0