Quick Tip - Despeckle Node

In this quick tip I want to show you guys how to get rid of a certain type of noise in cycles using the new Despeckle node.

(You may need to click on the image to see the speckles I'm talking about)


Sometimes when rendering scenes in cycles we will get these white pixels cause by caustics called speckles.

With Blender 2.64 (which was recently released) we can remove most of these speckles quite easily through a Despeckle node.

Step 1: Go to the node editor and check "Use Nodes"

Step 2: Press "Shift A" and select the "Despeckle" node under "Color"

Step 3: Connect the node to the output, and adjust the Threshhold. I usually set this number to something lower like .1 (Don't go too low or it will become worse) You may want to play around with this option to see what works best.

There are two other options here as well. However I usually keep these two options on their defaults.

Neighbors determines "The threshold for the number of neighbor pixels that must match"
Factor which determines how much influence the node has.

Final Result 


  1. Im using 2.66a and Im quite new to blender.
    Where do I find the Node editor bar?


  2. Hi Lisa,

    you can just open the Compositing Screen Layout. Press CTRL + RIGHTARROW several times, until you see "Compositing" in the main menu bar of Blender.

    Usually you can change the window type in the bottom of a certain Window.